Saturday, February 25, 2012

Creative Lent: Play with Paper

Yesterday, we talked about plants and seeds as metaphor for God.  But I'm aware that plants and soil and seeds can be expensive, not to mention a bouquet or two of flowers.  But you could make flowers out of paper:

The beautiful thing about paper is it's cheap.  If your household/workplace is like mine, you likely throw away a ream once a month or so as waste paper.  But there's so much more you could do.

We think that a mosaic has to be made out of jewel like bits of glass:

Or we think of mosaics like these made out of stone:

But you could make a mosaic out of paper:

For more fun, cut up magazines and have the words mean something too:

While you're cutting up those magazines, think about making soul cards or prayer cards.  Where are you spiritually right now?  Or where would you like to be?

What do you need?

Or maybe you'd like a collage without words:

I like collage because someone else has already created the images.  But sometimes, I like to swirl the paint arount:

Paint is relatively cheap, but crayons are even cheaper.

Maybe you're not a visual person.  Maybe you'd like to write on all that lovely paper.  If that feels too dangerous, write and then cut:

Tomorrow:  more fun with assemblages of all sorts.

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