Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make Your Whole Life a Living Sacrifice

In his latest book, Naked Spirituality, Brian McLaren offers great ideas for infusing your life with more spiritual richness:  "How can we infuse our daily lives with the poetry, song, and dance of worship and praise?  I've tried to maintain several disciplines of worship in my life through the years, each involving a way to render my whole life a living sacrifice:" (page 77).

He then goes on to list them, and in the book, he discusses them in detail (pp. 77-810:

  1. Give God the first greeting every morning.
  2. Give God the first thanks at every meal.
  3. Give God the first response to every pleasure.
  4. Give God the first consideration in your weekly schedule.
  5. Make God the first supervisor or customer for all work.
  6. Give God the first part of every paycheck.
  7. Give God the joy of your creativity.
How many of these suggestions do you already follow?  What could you add to your schedule this week?

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