Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jesus and Miracles and the World

A month ago, I was going to the Lutheridge retreat to plan the Create in Me retreat.  For 2012, we're focused on Jesus and miracles as art and invitation.  So we spent some time reading the passages about miracles and discussing them.  Here are some things we noticed:

--More is possible than we humans imagine.

--The world is full of raw materials.

--The laws of physics (as humans understand them) don't constrain Jesus.

--Each miracle is individually tailored to the recipient.  For example, not every healing miracle is the same:  some times Jesus uses dirt, some times spit, some times touch, some times commands.

--Many of the miracles require the participation of the recipient:  seeking Jesus out at the very least, washing, . . .

--The miracles show the abundance in the world.

--my group was intrigued by Mark 8:  22-26.  This miracle needs fine tuning!  After Jesus' first attempt to heal the blind man, the blind man says that the people look like trees walking.  So Jesus tries again.

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