Saturday, July 23, 2011

Distinguishing the Voice of God

At my creativity blog, I wrote a post about inner voices: 

"I have the voice of the inner critic, who tells me how stupid I am and how off track I’ve gotten. That voice focuses on all that I have not accomplished. That voice mocks my earlier dreams of a published novel, of a book of poems with a spine, of all the things I can’t quite pull together.

My kind voice focuses on what I have done, how amazing it all is. My kind voice tells me I haven’t done the other things yet. My kind voice reminds me that there is still plenty of time."

Having written about Mary Magdalene yesterday, I've wondered if I sound mentally unbalanced when I write those words, when I talk about having different selves.

But this morning, as I was writing, I thought, what if my kind voice is the voice of God? 

God is not the voice that tells us that we're worthless.  God is not the voice of disappointment.  God is not the voice in our heads that says, "How stupid!"

God is the one who delights in us.  God is the one who wants what's best for us.  The voice of God is the voice that calls us to be our best selves.

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