Monday, June 27, 2011

What to Do When We Can't Love Our Neighbors

Our pastor is preaching off lectionary for most of the summer, so my last thoughts on Sunday's Gospel will likely be on a different Gospel than most of the country hears.  Still, if there are good thoughts, I want to capture them.

Yesterday he preached about love, especially our command to love difficult people.  I used to think that wasn't a radical idea amongst Christians, but certain conversations have shown me otherwise.  For me, it's not the idea/command, but my following of it.

Our pastor reminded us that we can ask God to help us with this task.  We can ask God to soften our hearts.

He anticipated my protests.  In such a broken world, surely God has better things to think about than my puny, defeated efforts to love the difficult people in my path.

No, my pastor would say.  A God who can redeem the world by taking on human form and facing crucifixion can surely soften my heart and help me with the task of loving.  No task is too big or too impossible for God. 

God is there for us.  God wants to help us.  Why not ask for that help?

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