Monday, June 13, 2011

Pentecost Report

I went to Pentecost service yesterday feeling tired and worn out.  I knew the service would last longer than usual, and our services are almost never under 75 minutes.  I wanted to feel enthusiastic, but I just felt exhausted.

I continued to feel that way until we got to the Rite of Confirmation.  And then I felt transformed.  We had 6 confirmands, which may not sound like very many to those of you who have huge churches or who live in Minnesota or similar places where Lutheranism is the norm, not the unusual.

Not only did we have 6 confirmands, but they had tons of family with them, many of them family members I'd never seen before.  I felt touched that so many generations saw this day as important.

I was part of the service because I'm the Council president.  I lit a candle for each confirmand and gave it to a family member to give to the confirmand.  And then we sang "Borning Cry," and I felt close to weeping with abandon, as I stood with the confirmands and their masses of family, and I looked out at this church I love so much.

Do I feel refreshed and ready to face the week?   Do I feel like I've drunk from streams of living water?  I suspect that as long as I'm working full-time, I'll always welcome the chance for a nap.  But I do feel hopeful, and only in this onslaught of hope do I realize how mopey I'd been during the past several weeks.

Now, to hold on to this sense of hope!

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