Monday, April 11, 2011


In some churches, we now call Palm Sunday Passion Sunday, but once upon a time Passion Sunday was the 5th Sunday in Lent, not the 6th.  Once upon a time, we had 2 weeks that led up to Easter, 2 weeks that we called Passiontide.  Now we try to cram everything into what used to be Palm Sunday.  I've written about this before, my weariness with getting Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday and Good Friday all into one long Sunday service.

Yes, I know people can't make it back to church for weeknight services.  Oh well.   If you can't make it back, you're going to miss a few things.

This morning, I'm back to my thinkings about silence and about how we try to cram too many things into a Sunday.  This morning, I'm wondering if how our experience of Holy Week might change if we stretched it out, rather than trying to contain it all into one Sunday morning.  Two weeks to spend with one of the central events of our faith:  how might we change?

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