Monday, April 18, 2011

The Downward Way of Jesus

Yesterday at my creativity blog, I wrote this post that talks about what Palm/Passion Sunday has to teach poets and writers. 

Today, I found similar thoughts in the Henri Nouwen meditation for today:

"Something in me always wants to turn the way of Jesus into a way that is honorable in the eyes of the world.  I always want the little way to become the big way.  But Jesus' movement toward the places the world wants to move away from cannot be made into a success story" (Show Me the Way:  Readings for Each Day of Lent, page 121, taken from Road to Daybreak).

It's something to ponder in this week that begins with praise and adulation and ends with crucifixion.  Yet this week also reminds us that the story never ends in death.  God works at redeeming the world, and we get to be part of that redemption and resurrection story.  It may not be the narrative that the world would see as a success story, but it's the most important kind of success story we can hope to experience.  Good news!

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