Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Internet Sabbath

My parents have been vacationing in Orlando, and we went up to be with them for the week-end. I didn't think I'd be silent for so long; usually when I know in advance I'm going to be silent, I give a bit of warning.

I decided to take an Internet holiday. The resort had Internet access. We could have worked wirelessly by the pool, had we wanted to mix business and pleasure. But I wanted to be more fully present for my loved ones, and I've realized that the Internet is one of those distractions that really keep me distracted.

As spiritual people, we should take similar inventory. What keeps us distracted from our spiritual tasks? What leaves us refreshed?

The Internet gives us a wealth of spiritual tools. I'm not saying we should get rid of our online access completely. In fact, you might not find the Internet as time and energy sapping as I do. Again, that's our task, to discover what keeps us away from the spiritual life that God needs us to be living.

Our spiritual traditions remind us of the importance of Sabbath time, which tells us that it's not just our current generation that feels that aching need of time and space. As a species, we seem to have a tendency to fill our lives with busyness. Our Creator reminds us of the importance of downtime with the mandate of Sabbath time. Maybe we could use this shift of season, a shift that's often marked by a return to busyness, to keep moving towards have downtime.

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