Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Returning from Vacation

So, this morning, I return from a gorgeous week-end of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay (the picture in my last blog post is from that area, taken by my brother-in-law). My fridge is nearly empty, as is my fuzzy brain right now.

So, while I adapt back to regular life, I'll refer you to something else to read. Go here to read a great article by a woman who returned to the Catholic church. As I read it, I thought about a recent blog post of mine (last Monday, I think), and thought, I wish I could have referred people to this article.

Ah, the joys of new technology, with a blog that feels more like an ongoing conversation than a published essay that's done for good--it means that I can refer people to other essays, even though mine is already published.

Enjoy Michele Madigan Somerville's essay, in which she talks about her struggles with the Catholic church and the joys that come from the struggle. I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly Gospel meditation.

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