Friday, July 3, 2009

Portable Prayer Shawls

One of my grad school friends got some bad news about her dad, who is battling cancer: the first treatment wasn't working. One feels so helpless in this position. I thought about having my church send a prayer shawl, but I know that they come from a religious tradition that doesn't do much (yet) with prayer shawls, so I wasn't sure that was the right thing to do. I decided to make my own version: the portable prayer shawl!

I like the symbolism of the butterflies on the fabric. Each one of these is small enough to fit into a business size envelope. I also put a loop at the top, so they can be hung in some place where they will be a cheerful reminder that people are praying for the family. Hopefully, the butterflies will remind my friend and her family of the possibility of life emerging from the most unlikely circumstances.

A close up of the quilting--my grandmother would be ashamed of my sloppy stitching, but I'm hoping it's the thought that counts.

For the backing fabric, I chose this depiction of sweet treats. My first impulse when someone is in trouble is to bake--but I know that many people are battling weight gain and diabetes. Here's a calorie-free way to send good wishes--not as much fun as gooey brownies, but more practical. And it will last longer.

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