Monday, May 18, 2009

The Braided Labyrinth--a PhotoEssay

We began by braiding strips of cloth and connecting the braids.

The beautiful thing about this fabric project: any fabric will do, any color combination will do, and it doesn't matter whether one braids tightly or loosely.

We laid out the labyrinth in the chapel. In the past year, they've installed a tile floor (instead of the old concrete), which made the mathematical calculations much easier.

We had some extra braid, so we made a heart . . .

and a cross. It was at the entrance to the labyrinth, where we received Communion before the labyrinth walk.

Here's the end result: our Communion Sending Service on the last day of the Create in Me Retreat at Lutheridge. I'm the woman in the magenta sweater and blue shorts almost in the direct middle of the picture; I was the one distributing the wine. I could be part of a Eucharist every day and never grow tired of it.

Tomorrow, I'll write more about this process. It's got lots of potential for all sorts of groups, and I don't want those ideas to be lost.

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