Friday, May 8, 2009

Arcing Towards Justice--the Short Report from the Florida-Bahamas Synod

Yesterday, my Synod, which has a reputation as being conservative, voted to support the ELCA proposed sexuality statement. We voted down the proposal to keep supporting the much more conservative current statement.

I never would have thought we would move this far, this quickly, in my lifetime. The events of 2005 were so divisive, and I just couldn't see how we would move forward.

We are essentially agreeing to disagree, while stressing that humans in committed relationships should be our primary goal (I'm grossly simplifying--go here to download PDF files to read the multi-page statements in all their glory).

I shall write more when I can blog in the privacy of my study. Right now I'm at a laptop provided by Thrivent, and I'm conscious that at any moment, more people might want to check their e-mail or use the computers.

But suffice it to say, I'm thrilled. I've been part of groups working towards more inclusiveness since my days in the 1980's in the Lutheran Student Movement. We'd submit resolutions that we created in our gatherings, and the larger, "adult" church would pat our heads and carry on about their business.

Yesterday, a young woman stood up to talk about the value of inclusiveness. She said that she didn't remember a time when women couldn't be ordained and that she couldn't imagine not having the benefit of all the women clergy who have so influenced her. My eyes welled up. I do remember a time from my childhood, when women weren't allowed to be pastors, and my adolescence, when female pastors were still rare.

And here we are, 25 years later. Where will we be 25 years from now?

More to come. Suddenly, I have lots of blog topics: braided labyrinths, a report from Synod . . . .

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John said...

I will be interested in reading your more in depth report. I am so tired of all of the foot dragging and nay saying by those who trudge along under the banner of tradition.