Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday School Labyrinth Update

All went well yesterday, I think.

We met as an intergenerational group that at the beginning was mostly adults. People drifted in and out, which was hard for me to deal with--I said, "um" a lot, because I was distracted by all the coming and going. I covered the basics: some history, some theory about why we walk labyrinths at all, some talk about how people construct labyrinths. And then we went outside to walk.

Why talk when you can actually experience a labyrinth.

We had a few people at Intergenerational Sunday School who had never walked a labyrinth before, and they said they found it meaningful. Those were adults, and that left me wondering about the children.

Will any of them grow up to yearn for labyrinths and other contemplative experiences? Will they just look back and remember some of the kooky older people at their childhood churches who built a labyrinth out of used roofing tiles, but not remember why?

However it works out for those children as grown ups, I hope that we provide a useful example, of adults who know that there's more to living a significant life than popular culture would lead us to believe.

So, let me see if Blogger will let me post some pictures. It's part of my resolution to get to know the digital camera better and to figure out how to get pictures from the camera to the computer to other places. None of these people is me, but they gave me permission to post pictures that I took.

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