Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Great Episode of "Speaking of Faith"

This morning, I heard another great episode on NPR's Speaking of Faith. For the past few months, as the economic crisis unfolded, the show's producers have been calling past guests to see what words of wisdom they had.

It was wonderful to hear a show about the current downturn that didn't make me want to vomit out of fear and anxiety. In fact, it made me feel oddly hopeful, as so many of the show's guests pointed out that this kind of time of crisis is actually a great opportunity.

For example, the first guest, Rachel Naomi Remen suggested that we focus on the following questions: What can be trusted? What will sustain me? What do I really need to live? She pointed out that we all tell ourselves stories to help us sort out our lives, and that in the past decades one of the most dangerous stories has been "the goal in life is comfort."

The show is full of gems such as these, and if you want more wisdom from any one guest, the website gives you links to the past shows where each speaker has been focused. Go here and start exploring!

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