Monday, November 17, 2008

NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday's story "Preaching the Bruce Springsteen Gospel"

Yesterday, as I wrote about Bruce Springsteen and later listened to Weekend Edition Sunday, I was reminded of an interview they did awhile ago with Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz, a man who uses the music of Bruce Springsteen during the church services he leads. He's a Unitarian Universalist preacher, so he's got a lot more latitude than those of us in more liturgical churches.

You can go here to read about the specific story on the newscast and of course, there's a button you can click if you want to hear the whole interview.

The interview was so intriguing that I bought his book, The Gospel According to Bruce Springsteen: Rock and Redemption, from "Asbury Park" to "Magic." I put it on my shelf of books I mean to get around to reading and promptly forgot about it until yesterday.

So, within a few weeks, I'll read the book and post a book review.

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