Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Posting

I've been fascinated by blogs for years now, and I've always enjoyed most the ones that are organized around a theme. Since I write a weekly meditation on the Gospel reading from the Common Lectionary, a theological blog seems a good place to start my blogging adventures, since I'll have content for at least one post a week.

I chose this blog title, Liberation Theology Lutheran, to let people have an insight into my theological leanings. I'm far from a fundamentalist, and some of my Christian friends view some of my beliefs as close to heretical. My Marxist friends would let you know that I'm flawed in their eyes--all that Lutheran training! And then I earned a PhD in British literature. As the final ruination in the eyes of many a fundamentalist and many a Marxist, I write poetry and have a firm belief in the positive potential of a variety of artistic expressions.

In addition to my Gospel meditation, I'll comment on other theological topics that interest me, books that have merit (as well as books that don't have merit), and anything else that seems relevant. My goal is to post several times a week.

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Tom Berkey said...

Hi Kris, This is the first blog I've ever read. Can you imagine? I'm impressed with your first effort and look forward to returning weekly or more often. The layout is easy to navigate and the content very engaging.

I, too, find the "Seeger Sessions" totally awesome. Just yesterday (Nov.16)after a public performance of Bach's B-minor Mass at the Kennedy Center I heard Springsteen's name mentioned in an after-concert "talk back." The musical conductor/chorus director said his two greatest musical influences are Bach and Bruce (Springsteen).

I think you should pass this blog address to Trudy Stellar for use in her e-newsletter. In case you haven't guessed, this is submitted by your proud father.

Tom Berkey