Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Pentecost Project Report: Project #2

For our interactive workship service, we had decided that we needed more hands-on projects after our Lent that we spent with the poems of Mary Oliver.  Less writing, more of other crafts.  I volunteered to lead us.  My plan had been to have a different project every week, but the banners have taken longer than I anticipated.

Last week we moved on to a different project.  I have long loved the idea of streamers for Pentecost.  I first saw them at a Synod assembly, and after that, we did a smaller version at our church (for more information, see this blog post).  It's been years since we did that, so I thought it might be time to do it again.

The hardest part of that project was finding the sticks, so I was looking for a way to have streamers without sticks, and at the Create in Me retreat, I found one.  Someone was getting rid of some cardboard that was probably intended to be folded into a small, bowl/pot like shape.  I thought they'd be a perfect base for streamers.

I also picked up lots of items that could be used for streamers, thus avoiding the need to buy lots of ribbon.

And on Sunday, we made a variety of creations. 

I thought it might take all of 5 minutes, with people wandering away bored, but I needn't have worried.  People delighted in all of the ways that with our streamers, we could imitate the Spirit loose in the world.

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