Friday, April 7, 2017

Just War Theory, Sanctuary, and the Missile Strike on Syria

My sister and nephew arrived last night.  Since their plane didn't get in until 10:03, we took a quick nap at 9.  The alarm went off at 9:30, and we listened to the news about the missiles.  My spouse said, "Great.  We wake up, and we're at war with Russia."  Hopefully it won't come to that.
On the way to the airport, we discussed just war theory and the missile strike.  At least if we're all about to go to war, my philosopher spouse has determined that this strike was just, according to just war doctrine.
But my spouse is more of a pacifist at heart--the kind who believes that even if a war is just, you can't undertake it if you haven't tried every route to avoid it.
I am the person who feels that we should do more, but who doesn't have the first clue about what it should be.  In the meantime, we try to get the civilians out of harm's way, which means we should have been doing more in assisting the people fleeing whatever horror is being rained down on them.
And in the case of Syria, we know that those who flee aren't leaving to take our jobs or blow up our buildings or whatever reason we might want to deny access to our country.  We have failed miserably in our refugee policy as it pertains to Syria.
So no, I don't know what the right course of action is.  I do know that decisive military actions change the trajectory, and occasionally, the change is towards peace or progress.  In the meantime, we can pray.
And if we feel moved to take further action, there are plenty of groups who work to help refugees and those who are trapped and must shelter in place.  My favorite is Lutheran World Relief.  I will make an extra donation this month.
And I will pray for peace and calm heads all around.

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