Sunday, January 1, 2017

So Many Feasts: One Week from Christmas

Today is one of those days where various calendars collide--how will your church be celebrating?

I realize that some of us as individuals won't be celebrating at all.  My experience last week of getting home after midnight after all the Christmas Eve services and then returning bleary-eyed to church in the morning does give me a measure of understanding for those who decide to sleep late.

Our church will celebrate Epiphany, and we will do the Epiphany star exercise.  I spent yesterday cutting out stars and writing words on them, a meditative way to spend some time on a Saturday.  We will talk about the ways that God speaks to us, whether it be by way of our dreams, stars in a distant sky, or stars in a paper bag from Mepkin Abbey.

Others may focus on the darker elements of epiphany, Herod's response to the wise men and the weeping of mothers for their slain boys.  Sadly, this story never ceases to feel relevant.

Other churches may celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name, which commemorates the circumcision and naming of Jesus, as recounted in the Gospel of Luke in the second chapter.  I've never been part of a church that celebrates this feast day.

Some of us may do something with the fact that it's New Year's Day.  Will we talk about our resolutions?  Will we encourage each other to make spiritual resolutions?  Will we spend the year checking on each other?

I wouldn't mind spending more time with Christmas.  I never tire of these lessons and carols.

I am glad that I will begin the new year in church.  It sets an intention of how I want to order and focus my 2017.

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