Saturday, April 9, 2016

Creative Benedictions

At our Friday night worship at the Create in Me retreat, we wrote hopes, dreams, and wishes for each other on note cards of about 5 x 3.  We put them in a wide-mouthed jar as we left the service.

Then, at the closing service on Sunday, we were invited to take a card with us.  It was a neat way to do the benediction.

Here's the card that I pulled out of the jar:

You may or may not be able to see that they had been decorated somewhat before we found them on our church seats as blank cards to write upon.  I like the idea of a project that we return to several times, but it would also work with simple index cards.

We have done variations of benedictions and blessings at our more interactive service, but we haven't done a written benediction that we could take with us and look at all week.  I must remember this for the next time that I'm in charge of that service.  It would work well with that church group.

And it would probably work well with other church groups too.

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