Monday, January 4, 2016

Prayers for All of Us Returning to Normal Life

In my part of the world, public schools begin again today after a 2 week break.  Those of us teaching college may start classes today or this may be a week of getting ready for those classes.  Those of us who are administrators return too--my hope is that no one has decided to quit in the past two weeks, but if someone must quit, that they do it soon, while I still have time to scramble.

Even those of us who don't have the leisurely breaks of students and teachers are likely coming back to our first full week of work in weeks.  Many of us have had at least one holiday in the past 2 weeks, if not 2.

We return to more sober work places.  Gone are the parties and the decorations and no more plates of holiday treats will be found in our offices.  Many of our colleagues may be more crabby or tired.  Some of us are returning with colds.

Let us pray for all of us today.  Let me compose a prayer for all of us returning to regular life:

Creator God, many of us return to our regular work lives today.  Help us to remain open to messages from you, whether they come by way of angelic messengers, signs in the skies, dreams, or deep yearnings.  Let us align ourselves with Mary and Elizabeth and all others who choose to believe that the improbable and impossible are not out of reach.  Give us the loyalty of Joseph and Anna and Simeon, and please grant us discernment to know who is deserving of loyalty.  Grant us the wisdom of those easterners who studied the stars.  Help us avoid every Herod who would do us harm.

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