Friday, December 11, 2015

Recommitting to Advent

Last night we lit the 2 candles on the Advent wreath--poor second candle.  We lit it on Sunday and last night.  I am still hopeful that we will continue to take Advent moments to light the candles.  I want to avoid our usual pattern:  faithfulness weeks 1 and 2, followed by complete neglect during weeks 3 and 4.

This year, we have a strange holiday pattern.  We have had family in town visiting during this past week, and now our holiday visits are over. 

We still have our classes that we're teaching to finish, but mine will be done soon--it's all over but the grading and the turning in of final grades, in fact.

In short, unlike other Advents, this year it may be easier to find time for Advent in weeks 3 and 4 than it has been this past week.

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