Monday, November 23, 2015

Report: Quilting for Refugees

Yesterday at church, we quilted for several hours.  People came and went and came back, and we got 2 quilt tops knotted to 2 quilt backs.  We started one and finished it during the morning, and we finished knotting the one that we started back in September.  I also sewed together 2 quilt backs for later quilts.

I tend to forget how much we get done when we do these events.  At the last event in September, we got much of a quilt top finished and about half of a quilt top knotted to a back.

But there are still so many quilts that we could make.  And on Saturday in the grocery store, I saw a woman from the church I used to attend.  She keeps track of me via blogs and Facebook, and she offered the quilting material that she can no longer use. 

Of course I will take it.  But I do wonder how we will ever get these quilts made.

The answer:  day by day, hour by hour.  At the end of the year, there will be more quilts going to refugees than there would have been if we did nothing.

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