Friday, February 6, 2015

Work in Progress: An Idea for a Retreat

My mom and I have been asked to lead a retreat for her church.  Because I view this blog as a repository of ideas to share and a way to look for feedback and a way to record this kind of work in progress--for all these reasons, let me post my initial ideas.

Let's say that the retreat will be a study of parables, both some parables in depth, and the larger idea of parables:  why did Jesus use them?  What can we learn from them that we don't already know?  If the group needs a blurb, here's one:
 Parables comprise 40% of the Gospel of Matthew, 36% of the Gospel of Luke.  But we rarely study the parable as an art form.  Join us on this retreat to learn how Jesus used parables and what we can learn from them.  We'll dive deeply into some of the more famous parables to see what we might have missed.  Maybe we'll even write some parables of our own.  And we'll learn how we can be living parables.  
A catchy title . . . hmmm.  Would the title Living Parables catch your attention if you didn't already know me?  

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