Sunday, January 4, 2015

Staying Present as Christmas Passes

Soon the Christmas decorations will be put away.  I'm feeling a bit sad about this, but it's a larger sadness.  I had a very good quarter, from October 1 to today.  We had good trips and wonderful times with family and friends.  I only had the occasional stress about my classes.  I had a good quarter as an administrator.

The time period between October and Christmas is one of my favorites of the year.  I always feel at least a bit of sadness when it's time to say goodbye. 

Longtime readers of this blog will know already that I am not good at living in the moment.  I'm always looking back, missing what is passing away or what has been long gone.  I always keep an eye to the future in the hopes that by doing so, I won't get too far off track.

Last night, I walked outside to see the moon.  I looked up and down the street while I waited for the clouds to move away from the moon.  Only one house still had its Christmas lights on.  It looked so cheery.

I understand why some people have put the decorations away.  Most of us are back at work, and there's not much time to put the house back in order.  Still, a part of me mourns the loss of the lights beating back the darkness.

The year will race on.  Soon it will be October of 2015, and I can enjoy these pleasures again.

In the meantime, I will continue to work on staying present and enjoying what the day and the month and the season gives me.

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John Flanagan said...

It is fine to reflect on life, and on the occasions of one's past, especially good times and memorable people who touched your life in a positive way.....but maturity must bring us back to the reality of the present and the needs of the future. It is as unhealthy to live in the past as it is unfruitful to construct dreams or fantasies apart from the real world in which we live. When thinking about the past, look for and appreciate the countless ways in which God rescued us, encouraged us, lifted us up. Look to the present and future with a heart of true faith and confidence in God's care and your ultimate destination, to actually be with Jesus and the saints in glory.