Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Resources

I have a post up at the Living Lutheran site that has some theological meditations on Veterans Day and the military.  Here are some quotes to whet your appetite:

"Veterans Day is also a good day to offer prayers of thanks for the military people who have been willing to fight. I want desperately to be a pacifist, but I will admit that sometimes tyrants must be dealt with forcefully."

"I'm also painfully aware of how often peace is won at the hard cost of human life. I'm aware of the difficult acts that must be done so that those of us across oceans can sleep peacefully at night.  I'm aware of how many veterans will never sleep peacefully through the night again."

"But for Veterans Day, let's take a minute to appreciate how few of us in most nations in the developed world have had to experience war first-hand. Let us celebrate a world that can move toward peace. Let us pray for a time when war will come no more."

Go here to read the whole post.

If you're in the mood for pictures from Mepkin Abbey and a poem for Armistice Day, go to this blog post on my creativity site.

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Anonymous said...

Are you celebrating Veteran's Day in Communist China. That would be more your style.