Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Retreats of Various Sorts

Time grows short.  I have a few hours of work, and then it's back to the house for the treat of a 24 hour visit from in-laws who are visiting various family members in Florida. We're the furthest away, so I'm honored that they're making the effort.

Their visit will be a kind of retreat, but the kind that's all too familiar lately--too short, over too fast.

But a short retreat is better than no retreat.

Speaking of retreats, I have this blog post up over at the Living Lutheran site about why we should take retreats and what to consider when choosing a retreat.

Here's a taste:  "A good spiritual retreat has some of the same features as a vacation: to get away, to leave work behind, to refresh our outlooks. But a good spiritual retreat will also give us tools to use as we return to our hectic lives."

Go here to read the whole thing.

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