Monday, February 25, 2013

The Pope's Last Sermon and Christ's Last Words

Yesterday, as I watched news snippets that showed the Pope and his last Mass, I found myself wondering about the Pope's last sermon.  He has the advantage of knowing it's his last sermon.  What a difficult, yet wondrous, rhetorical task.

What would you say, if it was your last chance to speak with such authority?  What final words does your flock need to hear.

I have the last words of Christ on the brain this Lent season.  Our pastor has started this blog, and my spouse and I are trying to contribute photos for the last word of each week. 

We missed week 1 and contributed week 2.  This week the last word is "Woman, behold your son; behold your mother" (John 19:  26-27).  It's a tougher assignment.

We agree that we don't want to do any mother-baby combination.  That's much too Christmas-y.

My spouse would love to find a way to get a shot of a mother at a courtroom.  Perhaps it's time to leave the realm of photography.

It's an interesting Lenten discipline that we've taken up.  I like that we're doing it together.  Even if we can't create the ideal photograph, it's intriguing to talk about what we would do, if we could accomplish anything.

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