Friday, November 23, 2012

Getting Centered on Black Friday

Today many people in the U.S. will be celebrating Black Friday by shopping.  For a different approach, to to the Living Lutheran site, where a piece of mine will appear; in it, I suggest that we use this time to plan for how to have a more meaningful Advent.  Tomorrow, I'll repost a piece that I wrote last year about holiday spending.

But for today, let's preserve the contemplative mood, while it's still possible to have it.  Here are some pictures to keep us focused on Advent.  It's not about shopping, decorating, entertaining, and all those other frantic activities that can keep us distracted.

For today, let's keep our attention on the true gift, the God who so yearns to be with us, the God who will take on human form and become incarnate in the form of a tiny, vulnerable baby.

It's also good to remember that it's really not about Christmas at all.  That baby in the manger, he's cute.  But he's got a larger purpose:

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