Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Word Do You Need Today?

When I was at Mepkin Abbey this past November, I was intrigued by this basket of ceramic circles, each one with a word on it:

They're a variation of the old worry stone, a talisman we can keep in a pocket, a physical object that will serve as a reminder:  a reminder not to worry, a reminder of what we want more of in our life, a reminder of the better life that God has offered to us.

I found myself drawn to the words "dream," "integrity," and "serenity."  We have been in a season of shrinking and job loss in my workplace, as well as in the larger landscape of workplaces in the U.S.  I want to dream of new vistas, instead of reacting in a panic.  I want a job that seamlessly fits with my values, a job that doesn't sacrifice integrity for the sake of paying my bills.  I want the serenity that comes from trusting that God, who knows all the sparrows and every single hair on my head, will provide all that I can dream of, and more.

God is not hemmed in by our shallow imaginations.  God has good things in store for us.  Our bowls will be full of good food that will sustain us.

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rbarenblat said...

U love those bowls. Taste and see that God is good, indeed! :-)