Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Muppet "Godspell" and Other Gifts

My spouse and I have spent a lot of time in the car lately--it's been 6 weeks of lots of coming and going for us.  We're lucky in that we travel well together.  It's good to have company--and someone to share the driving.

As we drove to our Thanksgiving reunion, we listened to the soundtrack from Godspell, one of our favorites from way back.  I'm not sure how we came to start singing in the voice of different muppets, but we did.  And we were off, envisioning how we'd put on a production of Godspell with the muppets.

It felt a bit profane, but also thrilling to think about how many people might be won over by our production.  Of course, we forget that when Godspell came out, it seemed a bit profane--Jesus and the disciples as a bunch of clowns!

Later in our Thanksgiving travels, I was amused to hear an old college friend singing songs from Veggie Tales--and he has no children.  He explained, "It's just good music!"

There are many ways tell the Good News.  In this time of Advent, perhaps we should think about alternate strategies.

The time before Advent is also a time for thinking about giving gifts.  My post is up at Living Lutheran.  It gives advice about how to give gifts without sacrificing our core values.  Ah, to live an integrated life--a worthy goal indeed, but harder for many of us this time of year.

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