Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Show, God! The Autumn Edition

When I headed to the mountains, I knew the leaves would not be in full blaze yet.  But I wasn't prepared for how green the trees still were.  I saw a gold leaf here, a red leaf there.  But nothing like what I had hoped for.  I felt grumbly but resigned, as I parked my car at Lutheridge.  And then I turned around and saw this tree:

Wow!  What an amazing view.  From one angle, the sun hit the leaves and turned them into a gilded glory.  From other angles, the leaves looked astonishing, framed by a deep blue sky.  The tree seemed like both a miracle and a sign--and yet, it happens every year. 

How often do we overlook the wonder in our lives?  Maybe it's because we're expecting something else.  Maybe we have our hearts set on a different wonder, and we don't appreciate the wonders that we do have.  Maybe we just haven't trained ourselves to be alert.

What does God need to do to get our attention?

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