Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday and Lent Posts at Living Lutheran

If you came here this morning hoping for a more in-depth meditation on Ash Wednesday, go here to read my piece at the Living Lutheran site.

If my multi-day series on Lenten disciplines was too in-depth, I have a condensed version here at the Living Lutheran site.

How am I going to celebrate Ash Wednesday? Well, later, before the Ash Wednesday service, my church does a pancake supper (yes, we should have done that last night for Shrove Tuesday, but we are practical people, and we know that we're lucky to get people to come to church twice in one week, so we do Shrove Tuesday on Wednesday and move right to service). Tonight I will be both ash smudger and communion assistant. My spouse will sing a solo.

Between now and then, I'll work on our taxes. Let my poetry brain work on that for a bit!

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