Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Long Epiphany Season

It's been awhile had this long a Season after Epiphany, and over 20 years since we had this long a season after Epiphany in Lectionary year A. I find myself oddly yearning for a change of liturgical season. I say that it's odd because I don't usually have this yearning this time of year; I associate this yearning with the months of August, September, and October. Often I feel that Lent comes too soon. We barely get Jesus born and launched into ministry and boom--time for the passion story.

How strange that I am willing and eager to get down to the business of Lent. I am ready for Ash Wednesday, the service that my younger self hated most and the one that my older self finds oddly reassuring.

But we still have some time before Ash Wednesday. Today's Gospel seems a bit Ash Wednesdayish in its message. Why worry? Dust we are, and dust we shall become, and all too soon. Why waste precious time in worry?

Easier said than done, of course.

Ah, well, in Protestant traditions, it will be Transfiguration Sunday soon enough. I will be praying to be transformed from a worrywart to a woman who trusts God for everything.


robinwoodchurch said...

Is there really an "Epiphany Season" or just Epiphany followed by regular time until Lent?

Kristin said...

You are right--we are really in Ordinary Time, the ___ Sunday after Epiphany.

Thanks for that catch!

robinwoodchurch said...

Rock on