Monday, June 21, 2010

Being Blessed as a VBS Worker

I had such a good time helping out with last year's Vacation Bible School (VBS) that I decided to help out again this year. I won't be able to help on Friday, so it seemed that I should take a non-teacher position. The only one available? Kitchen helper.

Yesterday at church, our pastor had the kids' time and invited all the VBS workers to come forward, teachers and other helpers alike. He reminded us of Paul's idea, that we're all important parts of the same body. I tend to see the kitchen helper as being relatively unimportant, the toenail of the body, but I came forward.

We had a teaching moment, where our pastor told the children about why we raise our arms when we're blessing a person or a group. So, the children raised their hands, and the pastor did a short ritual of blessing, where we were asked about our intentions ("If you intend to . . ., please say 'Yes, and I ask God to help and guide me'). Not too much surprising, being asked to nurture children in their blossoming faith and to give them a good and safe week, and the like. The congregation was also asked to keep us all in prayer.

What surprised me is how blessed I felt as I returned to my seat. My intellectual side tends to scoff at these rituals, but my grown up self ignores my intellectual side and takes as much blessing as is offered to her. I have no problem with people praying for me, and I've grown to really like our monthly service of healing. I love watching baptisms and confirmations, and I'm reminded of how few of those opportunities exist for adults to stand before a congregation for a blessing.

So, tonight at 4:30, I'll be at church, helping make dinner for lots of children who show up to sing and dance and learn about God and enjoy crafts and have some time for Science. If you're the praying type, you might keep us all in prayer.

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