Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lent Approaches

It's hard to believe that we're so close to the liturgical season of Lent. Easter comes early this year, so Ash Wednesday comes even earlier.

Last year, I created a Launch Into Lent series, which I think I'll revisit this week. It will give you some ideas for how to enrich the season of Lent. So many of us have been schooled in the old approach to giving up something for Lent, which can be enriching. But it might be more rewarding to add something for Lent.

The other day, I was conferring with a new adjunct in my office, when he looked up and said, "Did you make all of these things on you walls?" I did, all but one. He said, "Wow, these are real art!"

I don't think of my non-writing activities as real art, exactly, but I do miss doing them. So, for this season of Lent, I'd like to create one non-writing creative work for each week. I envision that the work will be Lenten themed, but maybe not. My first piece will be Ash Wednesday in theme.

Now that I've learned how to take photographs and post them, maybe I'll post a picture of my creation. Yes, yes I will. It will be interesting to see how they translate into the blogging medium.

Maybe each week, I'll also post some questions (tied to the creation?) designed to spark meditation and thought.

Tomorrow, look for a post that gives you more ideas for how to infuse your season of Lent with more creativity.

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