Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If You Need a Retreat While At Your Computer

Many of us work at jobs where we spend most of our days staring at computer screens. After a few hours of this, you probably need a break--yet you're at work, and you still have hours to go before you leave for home.

I like to have some computer resources that allow me to take a bit of a break, while staring at the screen. I'm lucky to have a boss who is reasonable. I could take a walk, if there was some place to walk, or turn to some other tasks. But some of us are chained to our computers. And it's good to have something to stare at that will refresh us. Since we're staring at our computers, it looks like we're working.

This week-end, I discovered a great slide show here at Bryan Sherwood's blog. He's taken his favorite pictures from the Abbey of Gethsemani, Thomas Merton's home, and turned them into a slide show. They're really beautiful, some of them quite striking.

So, if you need a retreat, but can't take time off to go someplace beautiful, why not visit beauty by way of your computer? If you're interested in monastic life, these pictures will inspire you. If you prefer to know God by way of nature, plenty of these pictures will give you something to ponder. Likewise, if you're interested in art and/or architecture, there will be pictures that appeal.

But most importantly, after seeing this slide show, I felt both calm and inspired. Before I viewed it, I had that frazzled brain that comes from working on too many computer projects. Afterwards, I was able to tackle projects with a brain that was renewed and refreshed.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the slideshow Kristin. Stop back by my blog any time!