Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Feast of the Epiphany

And so we bring our Christmastide to an end. I never feel this same sorrow when Eastertide comes to an end, although occasionally I have missed the extra worship opportunities in Lent (why do so many Lutheran churches only offer a Wed. night service or study opportunity during Lent? I envy the Catholics their daily mass).

I have found myself missing choir rehearsal. Yes, this year for the first time since childhood, I sang in a choir on Christmas Eve. We sang a whole cantata! I was only persuaded to do it because most of the music was built on familiar Christmas music, so I felt sure I could learn it. I didn't expect to miss choir rehearsal.

I love that feeling of singing in a group, of watching us improve. We took a giant leap between our last rehearsal and our Christmas Eve performance. Every time that happens, I'm amazed and awed.

Today, instead of doing festive last-day-of-Christmas events, I'll be at a series of faculty development workshops. Some of them, on creativity, I'll be leading. I hope that I can offer wisdom, which would seem appropriate for the feast day that celebrates the magi. The faculty development day is mandatory for full-time folks, and I hope that people aren't so angry about being there that they sabotage the whole event. I hope the special guest speaker has something new and interesting to say about technology in the classroom--or if the information is familiar, that it inspires us in new ways.

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